Rainbow Novelty Suncatcher 'NHS' 'Hope'

Rainbow Novelty Suncatcher 'NHS' 'Hope'

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I love this beautiful rainbow theme suncatcher. I felt inspired to design this to embrace the symbol adopted to support the NHS during Covid-19 lockdown 2020.  But of course is stunning in it's own right. Charms at each end 'HOPE' and a heart

Also the Rainbow has been adopted by 'Gay Pride' so will make a lovely unique gift.

Strands of strong nylon thread are decorated with coloured glass faceted crystals, spaced down the length forming horizontal rows of colour, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.  It has drop crystals and mirrors to add extra sparkle and casts rainbows round your room when the sun reaches it. Great for Feng Shui. FREE information about Feng Shui and Colour therapy. 

There's a silver-plated hook for your convenience.  Overall drop from hook 60 cm

Measurement from silver arc down to mirrors  23cm x 20cm wide.